Centralise Government pool cars

I believe the IoM Government, between all its departments (and I include Commissioners in this) own in excess of 100 pool cars for use of staff. I have no reason to believe that the management or procurement of those vehicles is centrally managed, such that the best use is made of the vehicle numbers or their usage. I am led to this conclusion by the lack of vehicle manufacturer or model that I have witnessed around the Island's government facilities. And the lack of use of a number of vehicles on government sites that I regularly see sat, unused. A system similar to that introduced for minibuses could be introduced where there is a common purchase & maintenance policy and a portion of the fleet that is centrally managed such that vehicles can be delivered on demand to sites that need their use. Just NOT buying one car would pay for a staff member to do this. Money would be saved by a mass purchase of vehicles from a single manufacturer and by the reduction in complexity in maintenance, in addition to the reduction in fleet size and the improvement in fleet utilisation. Ultimately the fleet management could be outsourced and taken completely off the government books and the fleet simply rented from a fleet management company, thus eliminating the initial purchase entirely.

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The Island isn't large enough to warrant a disjointed approach to large capital items where significant savings can be negotiated by bulk purchase. Nor can we afford to let departments to protect assets by over purchasing, where vehicles can be shared between departments and sites. Nowhere is very far away on the IoM. There is no advantage in owning a vehicle when they can be leased with maintenance included from companies with huge purchasing power. This approach ensures a modern, fully maintained fleet which is free from personal purchasing preferences. There is no need for any vehicle to be bigger than a 5 door Fiesta for travel on the IoM. There is also an opportunity to buy the most fuel economic appropriate vehicle rather than vehicles of different powertrains being purchased out of personal preference. If you consider that even at 100 vehicles, they would typically cost £10K each to purchase, then that is a million pounds spent - easily.

by PeteJonz on April 05, 2017 at 06:27PM

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