Centralisation of Fire Stations

With the large number of smaller fire stations dotted around the island, it could be centralised into the main stations. 


There's no need for a Laxey Station and a Kirk Michael Station for example, even if staffed by on call staff, and the figures back me up on this - response times aren't as important as ensuring the correct equipment gets to where it needs to be. 


There's an argument that there's no need for any other station apart from a centralised Douglas station (and of course the airport needs one) as response times to any part of the island are within an hour from there. 


With modern building standards, regular house fires are more rare, and the stats show that the fire service is used mainly in road traffic accidents, with the vehicles and equipment coming from the main stations anyway. 

Why the contribution is important

No department should have carte blanche to carry on as it does without regular review on what is actually required.

by Tarne on April 11, 2017 at 07:27PM

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