Car Parking for Government Employees and MHKs

Charge all Government Employees a parking fee of £4 a day (in line with what non-Gopvernment workers have to pay) if parking on any Government property throughout the Island i.e. School premises - Commissioners premises - Governmemt car parks and premises - Transport car parks/premisies - plus any other land throughout the Island. MHKs/MLCs and other Government employees using the secure under-cover parking at House of Keys, Douglas should pay more for the security! Also other secure sites throughout the Island used by Civil Servants at any time i.e. site off glencrutchery Raod and at St Johns site - plus any others not mentionedthoughout the Island.  

Government employees lead a charmed life. They have better working conditions -perks and higher pay! plus security - no zero hour contracts for them. Its time they lived in the real world!

Idea received offline - Moderator.

Why the contribution is important

This idea would bring in approx £10m a year from those who can afford it - an untapped goldmine.

by GavinIOMGov on May 12, 2017 at 11:22AM

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