Car Parking - for example, Chester St and Shaws Brow

Car parking in central Douglas is available in the private sector at approx £1000 per year. The car parking such as at Shaws Brow and Chester St which has been reserved for public sector workers was paid for from public (tax payer) funds - but is provided as a "perk" for many public sector workers who do NOT require ready access and multi-site visits during the working day ie they park on arriving at work and depart at the end of their working day.

Why has a "benefit in kind" tax policy not yet been applied - suggested at £3000- £4000  per year - tax payable only £600-£800 per year if on the 20% tax bracket - and still a major saving compared with private sector parking...

Why the contribution is important

Additional revenue for Govt, and seen by taxpayers as a fairer system than providing a free car parking "perk" at taxpayer expense - when Govt's own statistics show that Govt workers are paid significantly more than private sector equivalents (with pension benefits making the total difference anything up to 40%)

by Grumpy on May 14, 2017 at 10:39PM

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