Business Development

The default approach taken by the FSA for many years, and more recently by Customs and
Immigration of not providing advice is fundamentally wrong. As a population, and Island, we
want to attract more business and more business that complies with our accepted standards.
Regulators should support business development to ensure new businesses are encouraged to
set up or expand here and that they are aware and comply with what is required.
 Setup a business development team in the FSA, Customs, GSC, Telecoms, Tax, DED (for
employment, grants and assistance). They should be tasked with making sure they do all
they can to assist people making applications and understanding the opportunities and
 This also applies to planning where early informed advice by planning officers can short
circuit timescales and ensure quicker approval – it was commented at the planning
workshop that this was withdrawn a year ago to save money and as a result three times
more applications were rejected at key stages and had to start again
 Encourages development of the economy
 The Isle of Man lives up to its moto as "Where you can"
 We improve the chances of getting it “right first time”
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