Benchmark Taxpayer Funded Projects

All projects funded by taxpayers should be benchmarked against similar ones in the UK and possibly in Ireland to make sure that value for money is being delivered. If I may give examples - the new school in Onchan cost over $30 million - a similar but slightly larger one in Derbyshire cost £18 million;  the RESA and associated works at Ronaldsway cost over £40 million whereas a similar extension in Ireland cost £4 million; the rising bollards in Castletown were budgeted at £100,000 and ended up costing £150,000 whereas a similar installation in London cost £50,000. Do we really know if we are getting value for money and more importantly do we check this out?

Why the contribution is important

Implementation is straightforward - before any significant project is put to tender the public service department responsible should look for appropriate guidelines (surely they must have a network). A check can then be made as to whether taxpayers are getting good value or being taken for an expensive ride. As a 'forcing mechanism' it would be a useful exercise to grant contracts to off-island contractors if they are better value and meet quality standards (viz Peel Road hardly filled local contractors with glory on quality). Of course some costs of getting materials here are higher than say to the UK - then again our tax rates are lower and should also be factored in. 

by dpfellows on April 05, 2017 at 05:23PM

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