Ban "commercial confidentiality"

In any contracts where taxpayer's money is being spent the taxpayer must by default have the right to review the terms so that they can be criticised. Competitors would also be able to understand why the terms they offered were not accepted and adjust accordingly at the next tendering process. Where businesses claim they are doing the taxpayer a favour with the terms of their contract, lets see the proof!

Why the contribution is important

Secrecy discourages keen tendering for contracts and may make competitors believe that some sort of cronyism may be a factor in any successful tender. Anecdotally we read of Isle of Man Government construction projects costing significantly more that very similar ones completing in the UK during a similar period.

Had peer review been able to examine the terms of the MEA loan, we might not have needed to merge our electricity utility with the water utility.

Had peer review been able to examine the terms of the granite purchased for the airport runway safety extension, taxpayers might not have been on the hook for the cost of currency movements.

Had peer review been able to examine the IRIS specification and plans, the taxpayer might not have been paying for a system that dumps sewage into the sea if it rains too much, or if we gain an increase in population.


etc. Our professional experts have demonstrated themselves to be rather inexpert.

by OldSailor on April 14, 2017 at 05:52PM

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