Apologise when it goes wrong

Simple, but a slice of humble pie is cheaper than engaging lawyers to try to prove you were right or paying out of court compensation with a gagging clause when a "sorry" would have prevented any escalation.

Deep pockets doesn't mean you can or should defend the indefensible. Legal advice is free for gov depts from the Attorney Generals Chambers - it is not free for the public.

Gov. Depts should not need to seek advice outside the AGC and incur costs doing so, particularity if they have already sought AGC advice and do not agree with the advice given.

So understanding the law applicable in the area is fundamental for all staff, especially the most senior officers and CEOs


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Remove all expenditure for for legal advice by gov. Depts

by DragonX on April 22, 2017 at 08:32PM

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  • Posted by katewatson April 27, 2017 at 21:44

    I completely agree. IOM Govt spend hundreds of thousands on external legal advice when they've got 30 salaried lawyers in the AGC. It's criminal.

    Also, create a complaints system in health which is fit for purpose and which as some 'teeth' - people often sue because they've been left so underwhelmed by the complaints process, if they've received a response at all. The DHSC is self-insured (I.e. not insured) so every penny comes from the taxpayers' pockets.
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