All to Pay NI payments until state retirement age.

Presently those lucky enough to retire early , as in my case aged 50, cease to pay any NI contributions from their occupational or other private income.  These individuals, the majority of whom are ex Goverment employees , civil or public servant, are fortunate to have the luxury of a generous pension and annual increases not available to great many in the private sector.

The suggestion is for all persons to pay NI from their income up to the state retirement age. 

Why the contribution is important

Each and every one of us expects Government provided services up to the end of our natural days. We all expect a state pension toward the end of our life. Those who are fortunate to retire early and live on Occupational pensions choose to do so. We all should pay our way, and yes income tax is paid on income, but for those , many earning from their pensions more than those in full employment,the balance is unfairly tipped toward them. To restore  the balance NI payments should be paid.

by gonzo132 on April 05, 2017 at 02:13PM

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