Adopt Enerphit Retrofit Solutions to Social Housing

Adopt Enerphit retro fit systems for social houses that actually improve the building performance as well as the aesthetics. The Willaston Estate is a perfect example of wasted public funds in upgrading 700 plus houses to a standard far below the levels of performance needed to comply with the Government's own Policy on Sustainable Development and Mitigating Climate Challenges.

We offered an Enerphit system to Government which not only addressed the structural issues of the properties, but also provided a 75% improvement on energy performance and much healthier living conditions. After we had battled through the long winded scrutiny, answering all questions and providing all supportive information requested, and after a meeting at Douglas Town Hall with Government and Douglas Council, it was agreed to give us a pair of houses at Willaston to trial our system on. This never materialized and our calls to Douglas Council were never returned.

During this process, we were asked to price two of eight properties at Archallagan Terrace in Foxdale, which we did. Government decided our option was too expensive and the houses are now just to have a new roof and new windows effectively. A wasted opportunity to trial the award winning Beattie Passive TCosy System. At some point, the Government has to look in more detail at true cost and value and make a conscious decision to get an infrastructure in place to take advantage of the financial benefits over the medium to long term, otherwise there will never be any progress in construction practice made.

Our system would be ideal for the Isle of Man and would offer genuine value, at the same time making the homes comply with the Government Policy document. Indeed, they would only be a few solar pv panels short of being zero carbon. This remains available to the Government.


Why the contribution is important

This is such an important policy opportunity for the Government but it needs a commitment to scrutinise whole life costs, performance, health benefits, as well as capital expenditure to establish a true value. This again goes back to the failure of the existing procurement constraints.

With such significant cost savings available through this Enerphit process, it is entirely reasonable for Government to increase rents to offset the build costs, which over the lifetime of the development, will comfortably make up the difference against the existing system and outperform it in every conceivable way.

by SteveBrownSNX on May 14, 2017 at 08:58PM

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