Adopt Best Practices in Energy Efficiency Delivery on New Build Developments

Government should adopt Best Practice approach to new developments, particularly when they have recognised them at the Government Energy Awards!  SNX saved the Government significant costs on Henry Bloom Nobles School through our involvement on the Design Committee, with a specific remit of Air Tightness. We were appointed from the design stage on the insistence of the Department of Education & Children, before working with the contractors on site to ensure that levels of building compliance were met before final testing was undertaken. Aspects of this and subsequent large scale developments that we have been called in to test, show unequivocally that the cost of remediation through design and construction failures identified, are far in excess of any fees our services cost from being involved at design stage. To date Henry Blooms Noble School is still the only building on the IOM that has had this level of involvement from start to finish, and SNX was recognised in the Best Practice category at the Energy Awards last year for it. It is essential that this becomes Best Practice for all Government developments.

Why the contribution is important

Once again, the adoption of Best Practice in specific performance criterias to ensure that all new build developments function as efficiently as possible on completion is simply common sense. We undertook a desktop review of the drawings provided at Henry Blooms School and made recommendations that were welcomed, with a view to ensuring that the efficiency in Air Leakage was ot compromised. This should be done at design stage on every development, as it is so much more cost effective to alter a drawing that remediate a building. It is even more important to work closely with the contractors to ensure that they are undertaking the build correctly and they understand the impact their work has on the building integrity in each of the performance criteria.

Getting in to good habits is a simple policy decision and should be implemented with immediate effect, as the cost savings in materials and man hours, as we have repeatedly seen throughout our testing works, is enormous.

by SteveBrownSNX on May 14, 2017 at 05:03PM

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