Thank you for visiting our SAVE ideas hub, this site is now closed to new ideas and comments, but all posts and comments can still be reviewed.

We asked

A priority within our Programme for Government is to be a financially responsible government while delivering appropriate services for our nation.

Government must save £25 million over the next five years to help balance its budget.

We asked the public, Tynwald Members, government departments and its employees - to identify opportunities, initiatives and projects to help meet this target.

We invited you to join our online ideas hub where we encouraged people to register with the site, share their ideas, and rate and comment on ideas posted by other users.

You said - You responded with over 1,300 ideas!

Our challenge closed to new ideas and comments in mid May 2017.  The volume of responses showed that Isle of Man residents were keen to engage with the online ideas hub, and to share their ideas and comments.

To view our responses please visit our SAVE Challenge homepage at

We did

The volume of ideas and contributions to the SAVE programme exceeded our expectations, thank you.  We put in place a robust and objective review framework for the programme which included the following three stage approach:

(1) Initial sift

(2) SAVE Programme Review

(3) Council of Ministers Review 

We are now currently reviewing or implementing the ideas and we will make a further announcement on our progress later this year.