Understanding of road practice issues

The human behaviour issues behind road safety need to be looked at and incorporated into how raod safety issues are dealt with.

A useful pointer can be found by following this link:


Another useful pointer can be found by followign this link:


Why the contribution is important

It is not enough to base road safety on general public opinion without understanding the physycology involved. The attached link has a very useful photo that shows the dangers of modern road design for users as well, ie pinch points.  


Traffic pinch points are designed specifically to create conflict between users and that then theroetically forces drivers to slow down.

This police link shows that in practice cars attempt to squeeze past and irrespective of the safe passing distance rule.

In the ideal world of Amsterdam that pinch point conceept is perfectly valid but is not on Manx or UK roads where drivers do not behave the same way.  Incorpororaring understanding of basic phsycology into road safety is now critical and it will help address these issues. That is the whole point of the TT think bike campaign afterall. 

by Saoirseanbothar on April 25, 2018 at 11:55AM

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