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It is nice to be invited to “a dialogue “ but this isn’t a dialogue it is an invitation  to comment with very little explanation as to what you think Road safety is and what you think needs addressing. This does not need to be prescriptive but this is too woolly. Maybe that’s the intention but I don’t get a feeling for what you think you will achieve from this and where this goes from here.

Also when I registered the I am happy to receive emails tick box didn’t work - and yes I tried several times.

Overall. O feeling of direction and no dialogue yet

Why the contribution is important

This is too important a subject to leave to a dialogue (from a consultation tool kit no doubt)

You really need to be setting out what the situation is now and identify what needs to be included in a strategy and then have a dialogue otherwise you are in danger of ill informed prejudice and old solutions.

by westman on April 30, 2018 at 08:11PM

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