Standard of driving is ...... pretty good.

I cover a considerable mileage both on island and around the world and I can state right here that the general standard of driving on the Island is better then a lot of places I have visited. For example, the A595 through Cumbria, this road sees a lot of crashes, some of which are very serious and sometimes fatal. This is a busy road and has various speed limits, speed cameras and mobile police presence.

Why do people crash on this road then? The main reason is driver error, either from misjudged overtakes or impatience.  The Manx roads can be just as busy but we see less crashes.

In recent years there have been some rather nasty crashes on our roads but the cause of these crashes was already covered by laws, overloading vehicles, driving without a licence, taking car without owners permission, exceeding speed limits but 99% of the time, our roads are very safe and people using them are doing so in a safe manner.

We don’t need blanket speed limits or cameras, we don’t need additional legalisation, we don’t need ridiculous traffic calming measures. We should be congratulating ourselves for demonstrating that we don’t need our hands holding and that we can safely use our roads.

However, additional training can make us even better.  

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we don’t need additional legalisation

by Dave on April 12, 2018 at 10:34PM

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