Somewhere to upload dashcam videos or links

A place to anonymously upload dashcam clips or links that show and prove dangerous driving.  

To keep it as autonomous and efficient (to use as little of police time) as possible.   You could have 2 fields for the uploader to fill out. 

1. Dropdown list of potential issue .  I.e. Speeding , dangerous overtaking, on mobile phone etc

2. Registration of car

Then it would be a simple script to send an alert/email to the police when 3 videos are uploaded of the same registration.  At that point the police look at them as there's obviously a problem with the driver of that car.


Why the contribution is important

It's a very cheap and police time efficient way to have more eyes on the roads.   If dangerous drivers think there could be dashcams everywhere they may think twice about driving like loonatics and potentially killing someone. 

by toast30 on April 24, 2018 at 10:55PM

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