Pedestrian Crossings

All too often traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings have a very significant delay between a pedestrian pressing the button and the lighst responding.


This delay encourages the pedestrian(s) to cross before the lights change in a lull in the traffic. As a result drivers are held up and frustrated by waiting at a crossing with no one crossing.


There is no need for this delay. As soon as the first press is detected the lights should respond. This will give a safe crossing for the pedestrians and prevent empty red lights. If it is a busy road such as the Promenade in Douglas a second attempt to cross could then have a short timed delay to allow traffic flow.


I've heard arguments say that the dely aids traffic flow, how... A vehicle has to stop for the first crossing press, and there is no difference if it is immediate or delayed by some time. Yes the subsequent presses need controlling, but that can be managed. 


The lights on the Douglas Promenade apper to be uncoordinated, although I hear that they could be. As an example in Birmingham there ia a stretch of road where there ar about eight sets of lights in sequence. Once you set off and maintain the speed limit of 40 Mph you will sail through each set once the sequence is started. If you go too fast, you end up waiting at the lights. This tied in with pedestrian sympathetic timeing as stated above would help satidsfy pedestrians and vehicle drivers at the same time.

The delay in the lights in Pt Erin outside Thie Rosien is rediculous and so so frustrating as an example of this problem.

Why the contribution is important

It will reduce frustration for both pedestrians and drivers of vehicles and can in places enhance traffic flow.

by Thorsden on April 15, 2018 at 12:01AM

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  • Posted by DixieLad April 16, 2018 at 17:01

    I like this sensible simple idea which should be easy to introduce.
  • Posted by Becksy April 30, 2018 at 21:57

    I would like our pedestrian crossings to be more responsive for pedestrians.. We seem to wait an age for them to change in Onchan to allow the children to get to school. If the Goverment would like to encourage more people to be active, please make it more pleasant for them.
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