It would be useful to be able to apply for a parking permit for residents who have a car and live on the promenade.

Just one parking permit per household since parking is already difficult in Peel.

Bridge Street residents have two car parking spaces per household which in comparison to the rest of Peel residents seems ridiculous. 

 Perhaps this could be considered? 

Why the contribution is important

Parking on the promenade is becoming impossible and especially since Peel has become so popular.  

And also since more than 100 new houses have been agreed to be built by Dandara.

Those residents  on the promenade with cars would appreciate having priority to park outside their own homes. 

Could visitors be directed towards the other end of the promenade where nobody seems to park (where the old swimming pool used to be?) 

Would it be possible to set the  road out appropriately to encourage parking at that end? 

by Manxholidayfun on April 19, 2018 at 12:36AM

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