Introduce a speed limit on the A2 between Baldrine & Ballacannel

A small stretch of the A2 coastal road between Baldrine northwards to Ballacannel (through an area called Ballabeg) has no speed limit for 600m, despite the remaining 6km from south Baldrine to north Laxey being a maximum of 30mph.  

This 600m stretch of unrestricted road was once rural farmland, however it now has 17 houses, a warehouse, a farm, 19 highway entrances, 3 bus and tram stops/shelters, a concealed road junction and an unfenced level crossing.  Furthermore there is no raised pedestrian pavement (only a painted white line).  The stretch is a busy communter route from Laxey to Douglas and is prone to speeding vehicles owing to it being both relatively straight and flat.  The area has witnessed numerous crashes, including fatal incidents, over the last decade.  The area is now ribbon development and no longer purely rural, however the status of the road has not been updated with the facts on the ground.  A review has been promised annually since 2013 by DoI (and formerly DoT), but has yet to take place owing to 'manpower issues'.

I suggest that this 600m stretch, borded at both ends by 30mph zones, is unsuitable and must be urgently reviewed with a view to implement a speed limit deemed fit by DoI.  It is unacceptable for a vehicle to legally drive at any speed it's driver wishes through such a residential community, dangerously impacting the speed of vehicles in the bordering 30mph zones.    

Why the contribution is important

The current unresticted status is wholly unsuitable for the number of residents living on this stretch of highway.

The stretch of highway without a speed limit is a known accident black spot.

by LonanIOM on April 15, 2018 at 09:35AM

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