Increase the road traffic unit by 3 additional policemen

I estimate that it would cost in the region of £150,000 p.a to put 3 additional police men /women on to  road safety and traffic patrols. This would mean more education , more spot checks and more of the island regularly covered, hence better policing of all road users and their modes of transport.

The human face to face contact is far more effective than anything else in changing entrenched behaviour.

There would be an increase in prosecutions and fines and only when existing legislation is fully enforced will you have a true picture of what needs to be changed.

Additional trained resource is needed to do this . There are no short cuts.



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Road traffic unit is understaffed. More dedicated resource is needed to educate and enforce.


by Manneen on April 20, 2018 at 06:04PM

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  • Posted by alphabeta April 28, 2018 at 07:13

    The force is a broken organisation and cannot be trusted to deliver. We suffer highly dangerous roads due to their lack of enforcement.
    This is not about numbers, this is about priorities. Our police simply don’t have the will or imagination to act.
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