Heritage trail improvement

Improve the remaining heritage trail between Douglas and Peel in the same manner the Douglas end has been improved with hardcore.  Install automatic gates instead of the ones where cyclists have to get on and off to open and close.  A fee could be charged for a fob to open the gate.  Thus maintaining safety at the crossings but improving the route and encouraging more people to use this route rather than the main Douglas to Peel road which is not suitable for the volume of cyclists using it.  If successful this could be applied to other tracks. 

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Road safety. The roads in the Isle of Man are not equipped for the amount of cyclists using them.  We want to encourage more people on to bikes with bike to work schemes but we are doing nothing to improve the roads. 

by Estelle on April 15, 2018 at 01:48PM

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  • Posted by DixieLad April 16, 2018 at 12:40

    I don't believe cyclists are a menace on the roads, however, I do believe that if you can create, traffic free routes for cyclists, that is a great idea. The Heritage Trail is a brilliant opportunity to do this together with the other disused railway lines.
  • Posted by MrCat April 17, 2018 at 08:51

    One issue that would need addressing is the junction at the QB - drivers generally are pretty good there to cyclists but if you are turning right (to head for the NSC to get over to the pulrose bridge) it's a very tricky junction.

    There are 25 gates between Douglas and Peel - to me they are a major reason for not using the heritage trail - it's stop / start / stop / start. Whilst not disagreeing with Automatic gates does that over complicate matters ?

    Just reduce the number of gates, have gates so that can be opened either way, have a locking method that can be opened from either side and maintain the gates and locks - a piece of string is not an appropriate lock..
  • Posted by GeoffB April 23, 2018 at 11:45

    I am wholeheartedly in favour of improving the Heritage Trail, and am very pleased that a plan and funding was approved in the latest budget.
    I use the highways on foot, bicycle, motorbike, car and HGV and therefore have first hand experience of the concerns of many of the different user groups.
    I have cycled on the main Peel-Douglas road in the rush hour, and had a long lines of cars behind me trying to pass me safely. I have also driven my car, motorbike and HGV (up to 44 tonnes) in those same queues trying to pass a cyclist, and fully appreciate the frustrations from both sides.
    The world now appears to recognise that road traffic volumes have grown to the point where there is a need to 'manage' the growth, and reduce it if possible. We now have the active travel policy, to encourage us to walk and cycle more. I believe the high rush hour traffic volumes are an understandable deterrent to many would be cycle commuters, and will limit the success of this policy.
    It’s a fact that the roads are narrow and busy, and passing opportunities are limited (fancy trying to pass a cyclist in an HGV with a 14metre trailer with a never ending line of traffic coming the other way?).
    I have long thought that the Heritage Trail is a massive opportunity - to give the cycle commuter a viable option to the main road, and reducing frustrations for motorists. I do not advocate any notion that cycles should not be allowed on the main roads, but for all residents of the central corridor there aren’t any options other than the main road. Many, I’m sure quite fancy the idea of using the bike but are put off by the risk.
    I’ve used the Heritage Trail on a bike for years, stretching back to before the Douglas-Crosby improvements were made, and believe me - needing to be hosed down on arrival at work is not a good start to the day. The Crosby-Douglas stretch is now much, much better - thank you IOMGOV.
    Yes the gates on the Trail are a pain, but again as part of the improvement plan I’m sure better options can be found.
    Oh and yes…emerging at Quarterbridge to turn right to go past the NSC entrance requires some skill and bravery with many drivers taking the opportunity of the queue to check their phones. I hope the road planners have this on their radar, as the risks are obvious.
    Cycling to work is great, with benefits to all of us in many different ways (reduced traffic, demand on parking, exhaust fumes, health etc etc etc), and I think it is right that we should encourage it in every way we can.
    The Trail is just too muddy past Crosby to be a viable option. Maybe once improved we’ll get a big increase in the numbers leaving the car at home and jumping on the bikes instead. That’s progress in my book.
    In the meantime, patience and consideration are the watchwords.
  • Posted by WXMAN April 23, 2018 at 14:56

    The lines from St Johns to Foxdale, and also northwards to Sulby are also ripe for improvement.
  • Posted by HorseRider April 27, 2018 at 21:17

    Please make surfaces and gates horse friendly!
  • Posted by RSorby April 30, 2018 at 20:41

    I would feel much safer/happier when going for a ride with my children or when they are eventually allowed to go for rides alone if we had more traffic free routes.
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