Expansion of Painted Cycle Lane Provisions

To assist respective motorist and cyclist perceptions of safe passing distances and, over time perhaps foster more tolerant and considerate use of available road space, it would be good to see more cycle lanes marked out on our roads. To be clear, I am not suggesting absolute demarcations or respective "no-go" zones; existing Manx roads just aren't expansive enough so vehicles and bikes alike should continue to be able to use the full extent of the road where it is clearly safe and lawful to do so (although some more investment in improved road infrastructure to keep cyclists and motorists physically segregated in congested areas for safety purposes and in paricular to allow children to use bikes as an effective means of travel to and from schools would surely not be a bad thing!). 

Why the contribution is important

As road user numbers inevitably and inexorably increase, the levels of "competition" for the sometimes very limited space, particularly aroound peak times, will inevitably lead to frustation and poor decision making. Providing clear and literal "on the ground" guidance for all road users to base their positioning and decision making upon would improve mutual apprciation, tolerance and safety. In doing so it may also encourage more people to chose more sustainable modes of transport, such as cycling, for personal travel.   

by Spinnist on April 24, 2018 at 04:36PM

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