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With the death of cyclists in recent years I would like to see all pavements on the IOM dual purpose with cyclists being allowed to use pavements if they aren't confident on the roads. This is not for the experienced cyclists or cycle clubs.

The government wants to encourage the cycle to work scheme, I think this would definitely encourage more to partake. Obviously there would need to be rules of which I suggest the following:- all cyclists must wear hi vis/bright clothing and helmets are compulsory for everyone on roads or pavements. Cyclists must give way to pedestrians and maybe dismount/ not pedal in built up/heavily pedestrianised areas. Cyclists must cycle in single file on pavements. Cyclists must take care at entrance to houses/ crossing lanes and give way to cars.

I think this would be a great initiative and would make our island unique in the British Isles and may even attract families and other visitors looking for an alternative type of holiday. Our island has a lot to offer the cyclist with beautiful scenery and some off-road tracks too.

There is always a lot of negativity that surrounds cyclists on social media and I believe that this would also go a long way to alleviate the way some people feel about them.


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In summary it would make travelling by bicycle a lot safer, we have miles of pavement that hardly gets utilised. We could get the island residents fitter, more children/youths enjoying the safety of not being on the highway, less cars on the road and less cycle accidents. With good publicity this could bring more tourists to the island.

by mandywhitelaw on April 12, 2018 at 11:41PM

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  • Posted by Bayliss April 13, 2018 at 12:38

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  • Posted by Markus April 28, 2018 at 14:21

    They would need to improve the pavements and the banks next to them! Travel around Andreas and you will see how bad the pavements are, so whilst this is a good night idea the government would have to do some work to make the sidewalks better!
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