Cyclist accountability and visability

With the introduction of savings for cyclists through the cycle to work scheme, this could be expanded to improve cyclist visability. Currently the trend of black lycra on cyclists which have no lights causes great difficulty for other road users to see the individual. My suggestion would be For all cyclists to take the road theory test (if they do not hold a vehicle licence)  and wear a high viz vest with a registration number, this enables an individual to be fully aware of the rules of the road and be identified easily should they (i) be involved in an incident and are unconscious (ii) be identified should the individual be riding without due care and attention.

i have had to assist a cyclist that was clipped by a car, giving first aid at the scene, so know first hand what it feels like should the individual be unconscious.  I have also had cyclists ride without due care and attention and have them swerve into my path (whilst i was overtaking them) because they wanted to avoid a pot hole and had not checked sufficiently ahead in the road, and did not check behind them during the manouver.

The current trend is that the cyclist is king and can do no wrong and it always assume that the blame lies with the motor vehicle driver.  you do not need to pass a test to cycle on our roads and think a general test should be undertaken (acknowledging that many cyclists hold a vehicle licence.

Why the contribution is important

Health and safety first for all road users, and the basic road theory test to be undertaken by all cyclists to understand the challenges that other road users face (eg do they realise holding up a fully laden hgv vehicle on a hill will result in the vehicle having to go up the hill in a crawl)? Resulting in tailbacks and frustration by othe road users.


it is important that the current bias towards the cyclist is tackled, there is education required for all road users, however have just had a cyclist pass me on my nearside, whilst i was stationery and there was not the legal width for him to pass, however it would have been assumed my fault if my car clipped him.

by Crochetlady on April 12, 2018 at 06:26PM

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  • Posted by TarrooUshtey April 13, 2018 at 13:27

    Thank you for so neatly illustrating some of the the dangerous and incompetent driving (and drivers) that cyclists and other road users are faced with Crotchetlady.

    IoM Highway Code rule 213 clearly warns that "Motorcyclists and pedal cyclists may suddenly need to avoid uneven road surfaces and obstacles such as drain covers or oily, wet or icy patches on the road. Give them plenty of room and pay particular attention to any sudden change of direction they may have to make." Even after you have tended to an unconscious cyclist who was "clipped by a car" (good grief) you are still ready to blame cyclists when you overtake dangerously close and then they have the temerity to swerve to avoid an accident.

    You also appear unaware that it is perfectly legal for cyclists to filter through slow moving traffic.

    Sorry, but your comments and your attitude are prime example of why our roads can be so dangerous for vulnerable users. You should seriously consider some vulnerable road user training as you sound like a real danger to others.

  • Posted by Thorsden April 14, 2018 at 23:43

    I totally agree with all the comments here, Accountability, responsibility and respect needs to be earned now. .As road users they should be able to prove a level of training reached by passing a test. Holding insurance and Identifiability ties in with accountability, and respect for vehicle drives is needed. From a safety point of view, but totally unacceptable politically they should be banned, but practically this won't happen. However having seen several "pods" out on the roads today, knowingly holding traffic up there is an apparent arrogance to be seen with some riders. At other times you see individuals with Hi-vis and showing respect for vehicle drivers. Problems with cyclists holding up large vehicles and buses on busy main roads, because thy are unable to pass safely is a problem. Certainly the road from the Fairy Bridge up to Brown Cow Hill at Santon is a typical, and all too common example of this problem. My wife thinks it should be compulsory for them to wear helmets and high viz which clearly shows a unique registration number.
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