Compulsory Refresher Courses for all road users

It's along time since a lot of people passed their tests  and legislation has changed. This applies to all road users LGV drivers, cyclists , car drivers etc. I propose that instead of driving licences we have driving passports with an end date. That every 10 years we all have to undergo a day/ half days refresher  on the highway code, safe driving etc. Part of this to include some health aspects too e.g. decent vision, effects of medication etc.

The refresher course would have a nominal charge and would be more a re-education and update tool than a pass fail.

This would also help people who are coming to the end of their driving days by offering them an independant yardstick upon which to guage their ability to continue driving.

Why the contribution is important

Updates all road users skills.

Helps maintaing a baseline of road user skills.

Is a check and balance in the system

by Manneen on April 13, 2018 at 06:27PM

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