What happened to the Canterbury Model? Are we going for it?

If more services are to be delivered through the community we need to know and we need to be involved in the process of change.

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Everybody needs to know where we are heading and what we are trying to do- staff- patients-families-friends

by LeanGreen on July 15, 2018 at 07:01PM

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  • Posted by Manneen July 23, 2018 at 19:48

    The cynic in me says that the powers that be have had a "free" holiday and that the out comes have been lost in the ether. If they were Doctors they would have had to write a report reflect on what they had learned and had their work scrutinised by their appraiser. Failure to do so could have contributed to a loss of practising rights.

    The change of minster has been costly in that much direction has been lost in my opinion and projects that were started have not been completed. There is a cost to political change - whether we agree with the direction of change or not - the real question for me is can we afford this change of minister given budgets are so tight. Or is it another nicety. I feel that this has contributed to the Canterbury trip being wasted.
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