Training and guidance in impartial, evidence-led investion, particularly in Child Protection fields

All members of the DHSC with an active role in Child Protection procedures to get training in evidence-led investigation, particularly remaining impartial and following the available evidence. 

There is significant evidence (included in recent independent reports) of Social Care services on the Isle of Man forming a hypothesis very early on and seeking only evidence that supports that view, at the detriment of the family it affects.

This also applies to healthcare professionals involved in the field; with very similar evidence showing that Health Visitors, School Nurses, up to Consultant Paediatricians have fallen foul to the same culture.


Why the contribution is important

For families of the Isle of Man, this will not affect most. However, the ones it does affect, the stakes are incredibly high.

The residents trust the people involved in these procedures to make high quality decisions, based on evidence that would withstand scrutiny. However due to the secretive nature, they aren't particularly scrutinised until a family speaks up. Again, traditionally the families that are subject to Child Protection procedures are often not in a position to speak up.

Therefore, we, as the residents must be able to trust these professionals to make the high quality decisions. Let's equip them with the skills to do so, because there is significant evidence that this hasn't occurred historically, and isn't occurring at the moment.

by Manx on August 06, 2018 at 08:13AM

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