Terminations of pregnancy - Abortion Reform Bill

I was concerned about the ongoing Mental Health strategy, in particular regarding the support available for people making decisions about terminations of pregnancies and those that have recently had terminations.  From what I have read of the proposed bill, there is to be counselling available for people making such a decision and also for those that have chosen to go ahead with terminations.  My query is, does the Island have the staff and the resources available to provide this at present?

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I have not had to be part of such a decision myself but from speaking to people that have, I understand it is not a decision to be taken lightly and the decision to proceed can cause long term mental anguish which would require support in many cases.


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by Nicola2IOMGov on August 01, 2018 at 09:07AM

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  • Posted by Nicola2IOMGov August 01, 2018 at 09:12

    The debate of the Bill in the Legislative Council last month (http://www.tynwald.org.im/[…]/c180612.pdf) included evidence from one of the current counsellors. In addition, we understand that there is a service already in place.

    The Counselling and Therapies Service offer counselling in relation to terminations of pregnancies and also post termination. Women can be seen within days of initial contact. Whilst all counsellors/therapist have the skills to offer support, there is a counsellor with significant, relevant experience. The service offers counselling, not advice (talking through the options available). It is an impartial counselling service to assist the woman to explore how she is feeling and facilitate her identifying what she wants to do in relation to the pregnancy, whatever her decision.

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  • Posted by BillMummery August 01, 2018 at 13:55

    This is inevitably an 'emotive' debate but in 21st Century I believe the Bill as proposed by Dr Allinson is appropriate. There will always be differing views but the focus should be on balance and appropriate safeguards
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