SCRAP :- GP appointment for patients presenting with a new condition/ailment.

SCRAP the need for a GP appointment for patients presenting with a GENUINE new ailment/condition.

Each GP Practice would need to allocate 1 (one) GP each morning who would treat qualifying patients who presented for an INITIAL treatment by 10.00 hours each morning. Those patients may have to wait in a waiting area for up to 3 hours say, but be guaranteed to get INITIAL treatment for their GENUINE new condition.

Those patients arriving after the 10.00 hours DEADLINE would have to make a normal appointment or return on another day before the 10.00 hours deadline.

Any patient who required subsequent treatment for their condition would have to make a follow up appointment following this INITIAL treatment. 

The daily allocated GP would be available for normal afternoon appointments that day and for normal follow-up appointments on the days he/she is not on the NEW CONDITION ROTA.

Why the contribution is important

Adoption of this PROMPT treatment scheme would result in the following -

Elimination of the risk of an EPIDEMIC developing in a community from the passing on of infection through the present delays in INITIAL treatment of 10/15/20 working days. This would in the longterm REDUCE the workload of GPs through the need to treat fewer patients with infectious conditions and improve the health of the whole population as a result. It would conceivably reduce the number of prescriptions issued and SAVE money as a by-product. 

Reduce the period of pain suffered by patients with a new painful condition thereby restoring them to better health sooner.

Detection of possible SERIOUS conditions sooner that can be referred to a hospital consultant sooner for further tests/investigation.

I am sure there must be further advantages for both PATIENTS and DOCTORS/CONSULTANTS if this scheme was adopted and NOT allowed to be misused by patients.

by hurley on August 05, 2018 at 10:02PM

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