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In my view the Health Service is effective at the point of contact - i.e. when patients are transferred from A&E to a ward, but falls down on communication between wards and patients.  

In April I wrote a letter of complaint to the Health and Social Care Department and received an acknowledgment from the Department four days later, and from the Case Manager at Nobles a further two days after that - very good.

In early June I received partial answers to my concerns to which I replied 5 days later asking inter alia how a letter typed in Liverpool in early March took 35 days to reach Nobles and questioning why emails were not used. To this letter I received a response 12 days later stating that "there is no timeframe in place for second responses under Local Resolution in the Isle of Man NHS Complaints procedure".   

I also question why the results of a bone scan took 5 months to process and a referral letter from mid December '17 was only typed at the end of February 18 (the original having been lost).

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by ClareIOMGov on August 10, 2018 at 12:18PM

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