Registration and Inspection of Care Homes

While I wholly endorse the need for legislation to guide and oversee nursing and residential homes I think the current act is limiting and needs reconsidering.  The differential between nursing and residential homes is no longer clear, nor is the criteria for admission to either version or the staffing requirements.  There is a requirement  for vocational qualifications noted within the legislation.  There is no clear criteria for admission to nursing or residential care and this 'muddies the waters' and can put unacceptable pressure on care homes and their staff to take residents who may, or may not, be suitable for that particular home.

Why the contribution is important

1 - evaluate and review the current legislation to ascertain its effectiveness, reasonableness, realistic application and the available infrastructure to support the legislation.  Consider 'splitting' the legislation and standards to clearly identify the requirements and expectations of nursing or residential care homes.

2 - consider discussion with care homes as to the potential for providing clear criteria for admission to a variety of care home environments

3 - consider setting up a group to enable care home managers to get together and share experiences and issues with each other

4 - consider how registration and inspections may access appropriate professional support in order to provide advice to care homes, rather than just providing criticism without support to improve. 

by Peanut on August 06, 2018 at 12:34PM

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