Recognise healthcare professional work preferences

Much is made of the cost of using "bank" temporary staffing which has a higher cost to diret employment reflecting agency costs and supply and demand.  I thnk it is time that the health service recognise that many staff prefer to work on a super flexible work when I want to basis and allow for terms and conditions for directly employed staff to work on such a basis cutting out the need for agency involvement.  Speficifically staff should be able to take up bank type opportnities by accessing a web portal or temporary employment manager within the health service.  Terms and conditions should match those offered by agencies, specifically no FTE benefits but higher hourly rates and a work when you are free basis.  Careful costing and t&c wording should ensure that costs are not materially different to direct full time employment and indeed FTE's should be able to do additional hours on this basis as if they are doing bank hours.Use of outside agencies should then be forbidden - the only route is direct.

Instead of complaining about the costs of bank staff - accept this is a valid employment type  

Why the contribution is important

It will reduce costs, improve staff moral and retention and improve the management of staff availability and rostering.

by jmpallen on July 30, 2018 at 05:20PM

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