Professional Nursing Leadership

It is essential that there is leadership in nursing on the island - by its very nature the island can be very insular and result in keeping 'up to date' and informed difficult across professions.  In relation to nursing there needs to be a Registered and practicing nurse who is able to give  support, advice, opinions and updates to politicians, managers, civil servants and the relevant professionals.  The lack of a current acceptable Chief Nurse and Director of Nursing Post is not acceptable and shows a disrespect of the the nursing profession in particular (Which is the largest body employed within the islands NHS).  In addition the dissolution of the previous 'NMAC' group further erodes the respect and requirement of the development and progress of nursing and nurses on the island.  This group allowed discussion and sharing across all sectors on the island - Hospital, community, mental health, and the private sector to name but a few - the decisions made in respect of these issues are shortsighted to say the least.

Why the contribution is important

professional leadership and the ensuing commuication allows for developing care, sharing ideas and keeping up to date in matters both clinical and political ultimately resulting in better care provision for the islands residents wherever they may be located. 

by Peanut on August 06, 2018 at 12:04PM

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