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People who are working full-time and are going to their Doctors for prescriptions for items such as liquid iron, people who are vegetarians by personal choice.  The cost of these items in a chemist is around £15.00 a box.  Working people who are able to pay full price for luxury items such (non essential) such as this should and can afford to pay.  They are taking out of an already weakened system financially.  As a working person I would always buy items such as this out of my own earnings.  People are milking the system by visiting their doctor.  I myself have received such medication from GP as an emergency but only received the cheaper generic brand tablets and if wishing to move up to the more sophisticated medicines i would pay myself.

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Because the NHS is cash-strapped and can't look after the really needy or dying, it is a postcode lottery to fund certain drugs.  This is a drain on the system.

by Shaker on August 07, 2018 at 09:19AM

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