Personal responsibility for own health and wellbeing to be encouraged

People need to realise that they are the ones ultimately responsible for their own health and wellbeing.

They need to make the call , access the advice etc however the fragmented structure and fiefdoms and fifedoms of departments and locations make this impossible. There is no one professional looking at the whole persons needs.  housing, benefits, adaptations to living , homecare, rehabilitation etc.

People who do not have internet skills or access to the internet are severley disadvantaged in navigating the complex service offering and linking into it. 20 % of people do not have internet access.

I would propose that the whole Health and Social Work system have "case workers/ information officers" - trained along the lines of the CAB but have a working knowledge of services and benefits accross the whole spectrum.These people would be customer facing and accept referrals from social workers, health care staff and hold regular drop in sessions in libraries, commissioners officers etc by being based in the community for people to come and be signposted and assisted to get all the relevant help and support they need regardless of which health and social service it is.

This outreach support would offer "health checks" for people - a review of their social circumstances to encourage uptake and engagement with the support services at an early stage.

It would be a bridge for people who have been in care and whose support stops at age 18 years, it would support those who have lost their partners and doing things for the first time on their own, people who have life threatening illnesses and have had to give up work and have to navigate the systems for the first time, people who bring their parents to the island for them to care for,  etc.


Why the contribution is important

Information and access to the right services at the right time is key. Making access easy will help people get the help they need at the time they need it.

There will be savings to be made by early intervention.

Making access and information available to people at a local level without relying on electronic means of communication is essential, as those in crisis rarely have the skills, access to IT etc

Face to face contact is the best way forward no one professional at the moment is looking at the needs of the whole person.

by Manneen on July 23, 2018 at 08:24AM

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