Organ donation - recorded in medical notes GP and hospital

It would seem sensible that as well as asking patients in routine hospital and Gp consultations whether they smoke or are pregnant to ask them for their preference on organ donation and record this. 

Simple answer - yes , No , not sure. Just because you ask does not mean that you the patient expect to pass away. If that was the case many women would have had at least 30 pregnancies by the time they are 40 !

Revisit and update the clinical assessment process and you may save lives or at least instigate a discussion about organ donation with family at a time of peoples choosing.

Why the contribution is important

Organ donation is not effectively managed until it hits a crisis. Recording peoples preference on a driving licence is insufficient. Many people do not have a driving licence.

With prior planning patients can discuss with their families their wishes should the circumstances arise.

More useful discussion and topic than whether I am pregnant aged 50 !

by Manneen on July 23, 2018 at 07:53AM

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