Monitoring of Support workers

While there are many excellent care support workers on the island who love their work and care for vulnerable others, currently there is no process for monitoring non registered support workers - this means they may not be fit to practice and can leave employment in one area and immediately take up employment elsewhere.  References do not always indicate potential problems.  Care workers have also been suspended or dismissed due to issues in one place and during their suspension take up work in another care environment which potentially puts vulnerable people at risk.  Employment law and insurance requirements mean that often planned disciplinary procedures cannot be completed and the care worker  may get a 'pay out' and a basic reference but is not able to be called to account for any actions. The hands of employers in this respect seem to be 'tied'.  A register of all care support workers on the island should be set up as a matter of urgency along with consideration of the current employment law and how this impacts on care delivery for those who are deemed a risk for employment in this sector.

Why the contribution is important

While the quality and dedication of many care support workers is without a doubt the 'loopholes' that exist in ensuring this quality is maintained is a dangerous one that does not ensure good, quality, safe and appropriate care for many of the vulnerable people in our society.  Having such a register would ensure that those who are not 'fit to practice' in the care field are no longer able to work in such areas.

by Peanut on August 06, 2018 at 12:19PM

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