MMR Vaccine Harms: The Vaccine Controversy That Just Won’t Die


Last week, ABC reported the suspension of MMR vaccination in Samoa.  This followed, tragically, two deaths of 12 month old babies.  The vaccine supplies have been seized under order of Samoan Prime Minister, The Honourable Tuilaepa Sailele, leader of the Human Rights Protection Party.  As reported by ABC the Prime Minister has first-hand experience of previous vaccine harms: “as a grandfather and father, I can relate to the grief by the families for their loss.  I also almost lost one of my grandsons several years ago under similar circumstances.  But, my grandson survived with the proper treatment. But he will never be the same as he has lost the ability to speak.  As Prime Minister, I have called a full inquiry into the circumstances leading up to this devastating incident which I do not take lightly.  There are already processes that will determine if negligence is a factor. And if so, rest assured those processes will be implemented to the letter to ensure that such a tragedy will not be repeated and those responsible will be made to answer”.

MMR is coming under scrutiny again.  The original 1990’s controversy just won’t go away - a belief that there might actually be no smoke without fire. The ABC report (which has to be fully verified) indicated that ‘informed consent’ was denied, despite protests of a Mother against MMR vaccination of her child:

So, how might this affect the Island? 

Firstly, a question: what was five in 1965, shot up to 24 in 1985, yet is now 72 in 2018? (the answer is at the bottom of the page - if you just can’t wait).  According to many Doctors “everyone needs to know their healthy numbers” - but some vaccination numbers might actually alarm us.  Why are people so surprised at the current Official Vaccine Schedules around the world?  Surely, someone, somewhere, must have noticed the inflation in their vaccine numbers since 1962?  What if so many vaccines given before the MMR vaccination, now make some babies overly susceptible to harms due to their non-naturally elevated, immune systems?

1962 Total vaccine doses = 5 vaccines in total of three viruses: polio, diphtheria and smallpox.

As a 1957 model baby, post birth, I received no vaccines in year 1.  No vaccines in year 2.  No vaccines in Year 3.  No vaccines in Year 4.  Between the age of five and ten, I had a total of five doses of three different vaccines (polio, diphtheria and smallpox).  Students of history will recall that the UK smallpox vaccine was stopped (in 1971...) as from 1948 until 1957 there were 26 deaths from the smallpox virus but 34 deaths from the smallpox vaccine.  Maybe we have been here before? 

1983 Total vaccine doses = 24, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis aka ‘whooping cough’ at 2 months), OPV (oral poliovirus vaccine at 2 months), DTP (at 4 months), OPV (at 4 months), DTP (6 months) MMR (measles, mumps and rubella at 15 months), DTP (18 months), OPV (18 months), DTP (4 years), OPV (4 years), Td (tetanus and diphtheria at 15 years).

2018 Total vaccine doses = 72 (Under the Official US Vaccine Schedule):

Vaccines given to expectant Mothers: Influenza, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis) during pregnancy.  Injected into the baby: Hep’ B (on day of birth), then: Hep B (2 months), Rotavirus (2 months), DTaP (2 months), HIB (2 months), PCV (2 months), IPV (2 months), Rotavirus (2 months), DTaP (4 months), HIB (4 months), PCV (4 months), IPV (4 months), Hep B (6 months), Rotavirus (6 months), DTaP (6 months), HIB 6 months), PCV (6 months), IPV (6 months), Influenza (6 months), Influenza (7 months), HIB (12 months), PCV (12 months), MMR (12 months), Varicella (12 months), Hep A (12 months), DTaP (18 months), Influenza (18 months), Hep A (18 months), Influenza (30 months), Influenza (42 months), DTaP (4 years), IPV (4 years), MMR (4 years), Varicella (4 years), Influenza (5 years), Influenza (6 years), Influenza (7 years), Influenza (8 years), (Influenza (9 years), HPV (9 years), Influenza (10 years), HPV (10 years), Influenza (11 years), HPV (11 years), DTaP (12 years), influenza (12 years), meningococcal (12 years), Influenza (13 years), Influenza (14 years), Influenza (15 years), Influenza (16 years), Meningococcal (16 years), Influenza (17 years), Influenza (18 years).


Why the contribution is important

The idea is important as:

1) Where the US medical model goes, the world usually follows - if their exported diets don’t get us, maybe their ‘medicines’ will?  More so, as since 1985, US vaccine manufacturers were made ‘legally immune’ from prosecution.  Meanwhile, since 1986, the US Vaccine Injuries Compensation Fund has paid out over $3.5 billion in vaccine harms compensation - via a secret Court (much of it for the flu vaccine).  Why the unwillingness for open, public, informed and calm debate about what is actually in any, (especially MMR) vaccines given to Manx children?

2) The recent Dengvaxia vaccine deaths (a vaccine targeting dengue fever) in the Philippines further confirms that now is the time for an open and transparent debate. 

3) We might also ask if we should hold stocks of tetanus immunoglobulin at our hospitals. That might be better than DTaP vaccines for all (which replaced the former DTP vaccine - due to another ‘controversy’).

4) Now, which, truly independent Country might lead that debate as a: TruthTeller and Healthy Nation?  To serve the World.


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  • Posted by Greeba July 17, 2018 at 12:24

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  • Posted by PhilIOMGov July 17, 2018 at 13:50

    My sincerely wish and request is that the island does NOT follow the USA here, and move towards mandatory vaccine programs, and ever increasing vaccine schedules.

    I look forward to the Isle of Man Government at the very least providing individual MMR vaccines should a parent wish to vaccinate their child/children. Parents currently need to travel off island to receive single vaccines, and vaccines without excipients in.

    Let's focus on disease prevention through quality natural food and environments, and continue to give choice to those who do not wish to vaccinate.

    Freedom of choice is at the heart of any healthy community.

    [name redacted]

    [Added by site moderator with redacted information for data protection]
  • Posted by DVarley July 17, 2018 at 19:26

    A simple question all those interested in arresting the spread of vaccination/immunisation should ask themselves is "Would you want to go back to a pre-Jenner era in that respect" (i.e. one in which medical science had been arrested ONLY in this one respect not one where leaches, arsenic and mercury were, short of the Witches cauldron, the established pharmacology of the day).

    I am sure the answer would be no.

    Without reducing the argument to the absurdity (I hope) of no one being immunized and the entire population then at risk from epidemic. Why should the non-vaccinated be allowed to avoid a small risk of personal and peculiar catastrophe themselves by taking on the far more numerous and usual risks along with the entirely avoidable treatment costs?

    We all accept that there is a risk to any medical treatment. We are lucky enough that we have a care system that is paid for at considerable cost to the taxpayer. If you wish to go unvaccinated then surely you must be prepared to pay an indemnity equal to the cost of treating the target disease and for other benefits which would become due for being temporarily unproductive or even permanently crippled victim.

    (I am one that not only would punish those in primitive societies who are killing UN medics because they consider vaccination is aggression or superstition I would forbid any form of official funding from being used to attempt the act in the first place. That might serve as an admirable experiment although I don't think the lobby against vaccination would find the data would support their position.

    Whilst I do not feel deprived had anti-polio vaccine been available in the early 50s I would have had a father capable of continuing as a strong swimmer and boxer (I do not know what other, if any, sports he favoured except 'the horses'). As it was he was crippled shortly after I was born and I only knew him in calipers and on crutches. He managed to have his family educated and we were 'comfortable' as the saying goes. How would the less fortunate have got on?

    Think lest you get what you ask for.

    A polite young gentleman from Pakistan bumbled into my garden the other day. He is 'attached' to Nobles for some of this Summer (2018). I suggest a chat with him might steer us on a more logical course.

  • Posted by jonnymaddox July 19, 2018 at 19:13

    You talk about "the vaccine controversy". There IS no controversy. The entire body of scientific opinion, the World Health Organisation, etc all agree that there is no scientific evidence that MMR causes autism. See today's Guardian for example[…]-embraced-by-trumps-america

    But then you can't use reason to change beliefs that weren't arrived at through reason . . .
  • Posted by Align4Life July 23, 2018 at 09:45

    To date there are not enough big studies comparing the health of vaccinated individuals compared to non-vaccinated individuals. It is critical that if governments insist on or advocate vaccination there needs to be larger sample size, quality studies that support the theory that vaccination promotes a healthier society. These studies need to be independently conducted by organisations that do not have a conflict of interest (i.e vaccine/drug companies or governments/organisations including the CDC which have affiliations to vaccine manufacturers or their profits cannot and should not be allowed to perform these studies ).
    The few studies that have been performed indicate some alarming results: The vast majority of them are saying that non vaccinated are healthier than vaccinated and the mortality rates are lower in the non-vaccinated. See examples below:

    Longterm Study in Guinea-Bissau. The death rate in vaccinated children against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough was twice as high as the non-vaccinated children (10.5% versus 4.7%). Kristensen I, Aaby P, Jensen H. Routine vaccinations and child survival: follow up study in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. British Medical Journal. 2000;321:1435-1441

    Mawson AR (2017): Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12-year-old U.S. children. – J Transl Sci, 2017

    This is an age old argument that can be solved very easily if a true comparison study is performed. I believe there are many people on the Isle of Man both vaccinated and non vaccinated who would be willing to participate in such a clinical trial. As policy makers and health providers it is our ethical duty to perform such a trial on our island so that we can accurately determine if the government is promoting a health policy that is based on real science or dogma. No matter what side of the argument we may find ourselves, if we are afraid of conducting such a study because of the possible outcome and the repercussions that may result, should we not be even more afraid of continued inaction or wrong action?
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