Insurance based system

Health is the most important this in most peoples lives, but in the IOM  is woefully underfunded, which is inevitable people don't like paying tax and will vote against it.  The average person can afford full private coverage, but if there was a way to have top up cover, 75%  likly to buy it, as people don't mind paying for something that benefits them or their family.

Tax collectors have always been stigmatised, even as far back as biblical times, but doctors (in biblical times, "healers") have always been thought of highly. (I do not share the stigma as I know that tax collectors are nessassary in a modern economy and people who oppose all tax probably have never been to a country without public services)

The trick to a well funded health system is to get peopel to pay the doctor, not the taxman.  Obviusly the current level of cover shoudl be free, as not everone can affocrd even a small top up.

Why the contribution is important

It im important to increase funding

by Andrew2468 on August 05, 2018 at 11:05PM

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