Increased funding, resources and facilities for mental health

The island needs to increase its foundations and presents within mental health by increasing funding to be able to add more facilities and resources. Be it more specialist staff, 1 to 1 treatment, larger resouce centres and short term secure over night facilities all on the island. Which would allow a more comprehensive range of healthcare services, along with specialist education and care to more and a wider variety of people.

Why the contribution is important

As is very well known the mental health department of the DHSC is berried under an unrelenting amount of people trying to access the support they need. In this current economic climate more and more people are demanding help, but unfortunatly with the rise in demand the increase in support staff and facilities has not greatly changed for the more high functioning demographic.

The department has made some steps forward but still needs more feet on the ground to help more people in the earlier stages of their treatment, with a quicker referral process and shorter time bettween first contact and seeing a speialist and then continued support after the fact.

I belieave the island needs short term secure over night facilitie for the more high functioning people, be it for drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety and eating disorders to name afew. This would allow a more comprehensive support structure and give a higher level of treatment in a shorter period of time to help people confront their issues in a more direct and effective way, which would give them a better footing once they leave.

As layed out in the strategic plan, the department feels it is "very far from getting the totality of the story of the new Mental Health Service"

Maybe this needs to be addressed in a more modern and social way.

by Titan on July 19, 2018 at 12:00PM

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  • Posted by Manneen July 23, 2018 at 09:09

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  • Posted by ClairIOMGov July 23, 2018 at 21:05

    Mental health issues are the cause of at least 40% of absence from work. When there is a drive to increase the work force and address skills shortages it would make sense to support the work force we have, by ensuring their mental health needs are met. Work is good for you lets ensure that there is adequate support to keep us working.

    Society is changing - with the changes being proposed there will be more demand not less on mental health services. The drive at the moment to legalise cannabis will increase the number of paranoia cases and demands on an already stretched mental health service. That - [name redacted] will more than use up the estimated £2m raised in taxes. The drive to automate services and eliminate human contact will lead to more cases of social isolation and mental health issues.

    You can estimate that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health illness at some time so in our island we should have the capacity to treat 22,000 of us !

    The services at staffing levels are grossly inadequate and unless extra resource is put in we will not maintain the staff we have

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