Improve effectiveness by early indentification of health problems

  • Once you start moving away from the principles of the NHS the rot begins, slowly going back to the old system of good health support only for those who can afford it. To help ensure a good standard is maintained it is important for all to be able to avail themselves of the service equally. Otherwise a two tier system will develop. Funding via tax is fair as it means we all pay for the service as a percentage of individual income and so within our individual circumstances, hence why there should be no difference in the services provided between those with higher and those with lower financial resources. For making the system more effective greater focus needs to be given to the early identification and treatment of health problems before they become worse and complicated. This has proved successful in many European health systems for improving health and reducing costs. Early identification of problems also means better planning of medical resources and actions can be achieved.

Why the contribution is important

To help ensure the survival and development of the Health Service in line with the founding principles of the NHS. 

by MarkC on August 05, 2018 at 08:18PM

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