Improve access to government health and social service locations

A lot people who use health and social services have limited mobility, rely on public transport or the generosity of friends  charities etc. However parking for both staff and service users is inadequate at many locations. Nobles being a case in point.

There is no drop off zone - - many cannot walk far. The bus service to Douglas has huge gaps.

Suggest get rid of the bushes and get more car parking spaces.

Clinical staff on call have to abandon vehicles as they rush to deal with emergencies. Thie Rosien car park is always full and service users cannot get parked. Hospital patients going accross for treatment can have recovery set back because of the shear exhaustion caused by travel 


Why the contribution is important

Improve physical access to government buildings and services. People who use these are "ill" they cannot walk miles.


by Manneen on July 23, 2018 at 08:40AM

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