Flu vaccine for children

Flu vaccines are available on the NHS for people with long term health issues. The vaccine is also freely available for the non-eligible to have if they are happy to pay for it. This is good and should be continued.


What is not working is that the vaccine In nasal form is not freely available for our children unless they have underlying health issues. Whilst parents do have the option to pay for a flu vaccine for children, this only seems to be available as a jag which seems unfair.


Surely it would make sense for as many children as possible to be vaccinated from early on and throughout school via nasal spray where possible (not necessarily compulsory - just available)

Why the contribution is important

Having a wider immunisation base would help the community as a whole.

More availability of the nasal spray may encourage more parents to think about vaccination with it being much less traumatic for a child than having a jag.

If parents are willing to pay to have their children vaccinated, they should at least be able to have the spray. 

by kris on July 21, 2018 at 04:59PM

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  • Posted by CLB August 06, 2018 at 20:38

    I definitely support this idea. The UK started offering it for free for under 5s (I think) - couple of years ago.

    However, when I tried to find out if/when it would be available I had to ask my practice nurse, GP, pharmacist and public health and still didn't really get an answer.

    I would like this to be available and would be prepared to pay for it.
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