Fewer meetings, think tanks, glossy strategies - more action

I feel too much time is spent on meetings, think tanks, focus groups, policies, glossy strategies, production of brochures and also on an unnecessarily complicated PDP/PDR scheme.  Some management just drift from one meeting to another, often not even making notes so it is questionable just how much comes from some of these meetings.  Less time is spent on productive action and even in actually being aware of what is happening with the workforce and seeing problems at first hand.  Instead they are behind closed doors.  Good management & motivation of staff is so important but often doesn't happen, partly because of the meetings, think tanks, focus groups etc culture.  Obviously it is important to have certain ones of these but they have become far too frequent.  Also there have to be policies and strategies but these are only worthwhile if they have action points & timescales which are monitored and followed through.  There have been so many strategies in the past that have just ended up on a shelf after many, many hours of work.  If these hours had been spent on actual action in the workplace they would have made a far greater difference.  Also there needs to be specific training for jobs but not numerous fringe training courses put on which people are expected to attend just to make up the numbers. PDP/PDR takes up too much staff time. Even staff just working a few hours a week have to list objectives & competencies to reach these objectives.  They are unecessarily complicated, like so many beuracratic areas of government. 


Why the contribution is important

The idea is important so that the time of Managers and staff can be freed up to concentrate of the important day to day work.  Also if they are not behind closed doors so much, they will be more aware of how staff under them are performing and have more time for day to day motivation and good management of staff, which is so vitally important if you want staff to work to capacity and create an excellent working atmosphere which will subsequently get the best out of staff.  

by Manxmargaret on August 06, 2018 at 02:18PM

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  • Posted by LucyLu August 07, 2018 at 19:54

    Far too many chiefs in DHSC perpetuating round robin meetings, deciding how to be more effective, which clearly hasn’t worked, never works, or they wouldn’t still be trying to address it every year for years.
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