The expenses claimed by staff in the Department of Health and Social Care are completely out of control. The expenses doctors in particular claim is extortionate: claiming several thousand within a month for courses abroad cannot be justified, especially when some are doing this on a very regular basis. There are no caps on accommodation or flights that can be claimed, mileage is at an incredibly lenient rate and there seems to be no regulation of exactly what can be claimed by staff. This is something I haven't heard a single MHK ever speak about and it needs to be addressed.

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I believe this could save the Department of Health and Social Care a significant amount of money every month, never mind every year. Some of the staff are abusing the system and riding the gravy train whilst other departments are struggling to provide basic needs: the balance needs adjusted to provide the services for the people who most need them.

by divingcaz on August 03, 2018 at 06:52PM

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