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There is a constant drive towards medication to fix things.  Whilst this has an important place we should consider wider alternative therapies.  For example, chiropractic care has been proven in many children to improve children who may have been incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD.   There is currently a large waiting list for CAMS for children regarded as having ADHD.   Perhaps some of these children could try chiropractor care whilst waiting.  I personally have seen success for a child on the Isle of Man, incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD and on ritalin for 5 years, only to find 3 months of chiropractor care without ritalin resolved all of his issues.    Chiropractor care focuses on wellbeing.

Why the contribution is important

Offer alternative therapies that reduce medication which reduces costs of long term drugs and focusses on wellbeing. 

Reduce waiting times in other areas that can allow the people to access those services who need it most

by DKK on June 29, 2018 at 09:14AM

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