Define Wellness - The Current Model IS Geared To Upwards Only Sick Spending – multiple medication

Adopt: Five Meds Max by 2020. As no two 'med's have ever been trialled together, each patient IS a unique experiment.  Even after three 'meds' the patient physiology goes exponential, their advere sysptoms often shouted down by the Doctor -  sorry chaps / chapesses.  Instil home visit ethis for Doctors, they never seen teh dietary lack a patinet is under, so more meds to the max, it just makes matters far worse.  Food, now that it IS medicine - that Hippocrates what did he know???

Why the contribution is important

1) The sick system is bust, had run out of other peoples money to spend.

2) Rarely is ever returns fols to being Well.

3) Constrains people to becoome disease mongered 'patients for life'.

4) Rewards lazy behaviours, ecourages no self reliance.

5) Allows regulatory capture buy the Pharma industry (dead or well you're of no value, but: sick & worried for life - you are).


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by ClairIOMGov on July 08, 2018 at 12:45PM

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