Define Wellness - The Current Model IS Geared To Upwards Only Sick Spending – Diet

Ignore the UK Eatwell and US My Plate recommended official diets.  They just lead to carb induced diabetes.  Tragic.  We should make those dietary Thought Police apologise on National telly for creating the fattest sickest folks ever by following official advice.   Ancel Keys, what a shocker for his demonising of cholesterol - the only natural repair mecahnism we have.  It's like blaming the scab for the cut, or the Fireman at the scene of a fire.  Treat the upstream: carbs, sugar, and lack of excercise causes.

Why the contribution is important

1) The sick system is bust, had run out of other peoples money to spend.

2) Rarely is ever returns fols to being Well.

3) Constrains people to becoome disease mongered 'patients for life'.

4) Rewards lazy behaviours, ecourages no self reliance.

5) Allows regulatory capture buy the Pharma industry (dead or well you're of no value, but: sick & worried for life - you are).


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by ClairIOMGov on July 08, 2018 at 12:44PM

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