Caring Cadetships - clear entry and career paths

The entry points to a career in the caring "professions" requires clearer entry points and accreditation in order to attract applicants and make caring a credible career choice both for school leavers,  return to work mums, career change individuals etc.

I propose a cadetship - similar to the ones that the nurses used to do, to last for a year in the first instance. The cadetship would cover all aspects of the care sector - nursing homes, home care, hospice care, paramedic, hospital care (all departments), probation, working in young people care establishments.  At the end of the year students would leave with a security clearance, first aid certificate, NVQ certificate and a taster of all aspects of the care system. 

Why the contribution is important


The caring profession struggles to recruit. With clearly defined career entry routes and guaranteed training this would be a proactive way in attracting candidates.

Cadets would then be in a position to make a more informed choice of their career. They would have work experience, certification and a knowledge of the islands care offering.

In order for organisations to offer placements they would have to meet certain standards - be committed to staff development. They would also find this attractive and help them recruit in the long term.

Win win for all - employers , the IOM and the people looking for a good career.

by Manneen on July 11, 2018 at 10:31AM

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