Care leave for all from work

I propose that all workers are eligible for "care leave" from work.  The system would be based on the current paternity and maternity leave and would incorporate these established systems.

The current paternity and maternity systems only apply to a certain section of our society and as such are discriminatory to the vast majority of workers who choose to be single, not have children , can't have children do not want children etc  - care leave applies to us all including those who want children.

All of us at some time will need to "care " for some one - a parent, child, baby, partner etc.

Each of us will earn NI credits so that based on an average working life we would be eligble for a prescribed amount of care leave. Whether we choose to take that to have children, look after family etc would be up to us. On production of the equivalent Mat B form etc

Why the contribution is important

This concept would help families provide care for all members - the elderly , disabled and new born etc

It would help improve the levels of care in our communities and support families and the services by "plugging" gaps. 

It would be ideal for families who suffer trauma e.g. road accidents with ong recovery times of over 3 months; families who have members with cancer or life threatening illnesses where an end is in sight; families where members are elderly and on the cusp of not coping - the stay in their homes could be extended.

The sytsem would be cost effective in saving money and improving quality of life for all.

by Manneen on July 11, 2018 at 09:51AM

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